Water Box Repair - Water boxes are mounted to evaporators and condensers of water cooled chillers. Water boxes direct cooling water flow, separating entrances and exits. Depending on the number of passes in an evaporator and condenser, water boxes may have 1-2 flanged entrance or exit chambers or they can be completely capped and just redirect flow back into the next pass.

For additional information, please refer to the “Heat Exchanger Repair” page.

  • CeramAlloy CP+AC is a trowelable system that can be used to repair and rebuild worn or damaged fluid flow components back to original shape and contour.
  • CeramAlloy CL+AC is a brush applied, liquid ceramic polymer composite that can be used to resurface and protect all wet areas on fluid flow components from aggressive erosion/corrosion attack.

All type of clients use the ENECON repair technology:

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