Infrastructure in the USA [and in most developed nations] is aging/failing and needs to have life extension systems installed.

ENECON’s DuraWrap™ polymer/carbon fiber system is the solution. It extends the life of piping, tanks and other equipment. It is especially useful when replacement is a multimillion dollar project and difficult to get funding. But DuraWrap™ is not a “Band aid”. It is a fully functional, long-lasting repair.

DuraWrap™ provides structural strength to pipes, tanks and equipment, as well as eliminates further corrosion potential.

It can be installed as an outside system or an inside system, if the piping is sufficiently large to accommodate physical entry. One Example of an outside application:

Case Study

Weak Pipe, Deep in the System

A 24 in pipe, deep in a waste treatment plant system. The operators fear failure of the pipe, coupling or break-off from the wall penetration.

Transition, Clamp Sealed with DurAlloy

Small leaks have been clamped off, the dresser connection bridged with sheet metal,then all is sealed/smoothed with METALCLAD DurAlloy™

Pipe with New Strength, Supported to Concrete Wall

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